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Vision for every property … 

My background as a stager and a designer has given me the skills to see value and opportunity where most people have no idea it existed.

Case in point, I could go into your home right now and if you gave me nothing to work with and left me alone for a couple of hours, I could improve the overall look of your home. I can create dramatic change just by de-cluttering, organizing, moving furniture and arranging accessories ~ all using things that are already there.

Imagine the impact when I have time to plan, strategize and fully stage a home.  This is a huge value to my sellers and is reflected in the sales prices for my closed listings.  In March of this year, I closed 8 Brightwood Way in Magee Ranch for the highest cost per square foot EVER in the neighborhood at $972 / SF.  In Diablo Hacienda, I achieved a record-breaking sales price for my listing on Roan Drive. My Vision transformed these homes and put money in my sellers’ pockets.




When I meet with my clients, I photo their home so that I can study each room.  I then put together a very detailed listing of everything we should do to showcase the home, to make it feel updated and current and most importantly, to create emotion for buyers.  First impressions matter even in today’s crazy market.  Good homes that are prepared properly will always sell for more.  I manage the process and am hands-on to ensure things run smoothy.  My amazing team can get things done quickly with return on investment as our top priority. 

It is a fact … if you are willing to trust me and my suggestions, your home will sell for more.

My Vision also works wonders for my buyers who might see a house and think it needs too much work.  I can break it down for them, help with selections and schedule to get the work done quickly.  I have remodeled so many homes in my career and worked with wonderful builders. 

My favorite project was creating The Hooper Farm with my husband.  We learned so much from building our own home. I have a passion for design and love to share it with my clients!

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